Top 5 UI/UX Designing Tools For Prototyping For Every Designer In 2021

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Prototyping is critical to the program’s development. It’s a means for designers, developers, & project managers to collaborate and bring their ideas to life. Without writing an entire line, prototypes can assist with the concept, map user experiences, and communicate changes to stakeholders or consumers. It’s an excellent approach to test concepts and observe how users react to them. Whether you’re a user experience developer or an interface designer looking for reliable UI/UX Designing tools, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a selection of the top prototype tools for all categories of UI and UX designers in this guidebook. And here we have some best UX design tools 2021.

With so many resources available, how does one determine which to use? When it comes to efficiency, choosing the appropriate tool for your UX team can make all the difference. You may find free prototype software, as well as some premium apps and sometimes even online prototyping tools, to meet your demands and budget. Here are some prototyping tools lists. These are some UI design toolkits.

1. Invision


InVision is one of the most popular design presentation tools on the market. It not only allows users to create high-definition interactive prototypes, but it also allows them to share them with clients and colleagues in the same way that they would appear in the final product on their preferred viewing platform. The real-time comments and to-do lists in InVision’s Live Sharing mode make cooperation a breeze. InVision is the prototype approach you want to utilize when displaying your product to stakeholders or clients because it was built by artists. This is the best ux design tools for beginners.

2. Just in Mind

just in mind

Justinmind is a new wireframing and UI/UX Designing tool that is solely for this purpose. Even though it isn’t as complex as UXPin or InVision, this device has a lot of useful features that make it a good pick for novices. These are some good prototyping tools.

One of Justinmind’s more intriguing features, however, it does provide a free plan that allows you to create unlimited wireframes and add people indefinitely. You may utilize a drag-and-drop editor to fulfil increasing demand prototypes, which is vital when beginning or learning rapid prototyping. This can be used for some good UI design.

3. Axure


Customers prefer Axure because it allows developers to generate dynamic, clickable wireframes. However, if you’re not too familiar with the procedure, it may take some time to grasp the interactions. Axure is used by UX designers for prototyping sitemaps & user flows as well as during the UX process. Obviously, it depends on the demands of the designer; these UI/UX designing tools can also be used to create extremely low fidelity wireframes as well as extremely high fidelity wireframes. This can help you become a good UI designer.

4. Avocode


Avocode isn’t exactly a user interface UI/UX Designing tool There is no way to make prototypes or designs there. However, while working with designs, this software is really handy. It costs $14 per month for a single user and $90+ per month for teams. You can give it a go right before the 7-day free trial period ends. Avocode is easy to recognize and grasp, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

You can also drag and drop any design to start sharing it, import prototype designs, export layers, or start debating any element next to it in the comments in Avocode. You can mark a specific design area, discuss thread changes, and even tag coworkers to notify them.



OmniGraffle is not only a great prototype tool, but it’s also great for creating design concepts, including user processes. It’s the best free UI/UX Designing tool specifically for iOS and Mac, with a simple drag-and-drop feature. With OmniGraffle, a UX designer may link pages together because they were part of a detailed sitemap. OmniGraffle’s disadvantage is that it is not ideal for team collaboration due to its laptop and tablet constraints.


Do UX designers use Photoshop?

We were advised that understanding Photoshop was not required during an intensive UX Design Bootcamp (but it is a perk). I’ve seen that Photoshop experience is required for around half of all UX Design positions.

Do UX designers need to know how to be an illustrator?

Working on illustrations frequently necessitates presenting a topic from a different perspective, finding a metaphor, or simplifying the image. These habits have a persistent impact on your inventiveness.

What are the different tools available for UI and UX Prototyping?

The best tools are adobe XD, Figma and Azure.

What are some of the best wireframing tools 2021?

Some of the best wireframing tools 2021 are Moqups, UXpin, Justinmind etc.

What is a UI designer?

Ui designer is a person who designs the outer part of any application, i.e the look or the front end part.

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