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The vast world of social media has made us connected to the whole world. Just like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram where we get close to millions of people every day, ‘LinkedIn’ the recent trending business American social media app is an employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform has over 774+ million registered members from over 200 countries and territories as calculated in September 2021. It allows both workers and employers to create profiles and connect with each other. LinkedIn is basically based on” real-world professional relationships”. It can be also used for organizing meetings, offline events, meetups, publishing job postings, posting pictures, videos and more.

LinkedIn A Beginner’s Guide

step1: go to the official website of LinkedIn, or download the LinkedIn app on your phone.

step2: click on the ‘join in’ or signup button if you are a new user.

step3: a new page opens, fill up the details – your name, your email address and your password.

What is LinkedIn Best For?

LinkedIn enables you to connect with people professionally. This is a great way to stay updated with the latest development and to share information with others in your field. New opportunities exist in LinkedIn which is usually not seen in other traditional jobs. It helps you recommend others and involves you in your skills and past work. It’s a brilliant tool to search for organizations and people connected to it. It helps you join groups and groups are an excellent way to stay connected and expand your work.

Do people often search how to use LinkedIn for marketing? well, marketing through LinkedIn is an excellent approach. Target professionals by functions, industry, shops, malls and create ads. Use all LinkedIn features for marketing.

How Do You Create A Good LinkedIn Profile

Here are a few steps suggesting you how to make the LinkedIn profile attractive for freshers:

  • You need to make sure to have a good LinkedIn profile picture, a picture which may define you in a genuine way. A good profile picture is something which contains 60% of your picture and rest a clean and classy , not fake background wearing a dress which you like to wear at work and surely your confident eyes.
  • Never forget to add a background picture– Background pictures are surely the second visual picture. The right background helps you engage attention and stay memorable. Make sure that your profile and background picture are eye catchy and contrasting to each other.
  • Your headline may not just be a job title, it needs to be more elaborate and specific. It is important to make yourself unique through your headline. Use the headline field to say a bit more about how you see your role, something which makes you tick.
  • Make sure to write a clear story not just a phrasal summary. Highlight your skills, Try to bring to life why those skills matter and how it makes you different from others, always try to invest some time to it , also try a few drafts.
  • Once you are into it, grow your network with best suitable people. the best way to grow your network is to sync your LinkedIn with your email address book. It is also very important to keep yourself and your profile updated. Calling out online meetups are the excellent way to do that. It will make your LinkedIn profile stand out.
  • always mention your relevant skills – its one of the quickest way to get connected and be relevant through this social medium. Remember that a long list of skills are’nt really helpful. Short, brief and meaningful line is preferable.
  • highlight the services you offer.
  • Request recommendations.
  • Get credit for your leadership with publications
  • Add comments– sharing is great, it makes people happy and fell indulged. Well expressed comments will let you have a much more content. Yuo will be able to establish your opinion.
  • Use your content to start conversation.
Also, check – How to make a great LinkedIn Profile

What Should I Write In My LinkedIn Bio

Your Bio should mainly depend on the goal of making your LinkedIn profile. Let your LinkedIn summary be a story of 3 to 5 lines that may carry your years of experience in your industry, the type of organizations or company you have worked with, your talents, your area of expertise and the professional talent which you have.

The next most confusing thing for beginners is about” How do I write about myself on LinkedIn”– well that is obviously the most important thing you need to know and very much easy too. Remember passion is the heart of some of the best summaries, describe what makes you there. Explain your present roles and highlight your successes, Don’t be overconfident or exaggerating but make sure to take your credit and have your own publications. Add rich media, get to know people and be known professionally. Beginners often use the LinkedIn summary generator for a better story.

How Do I Describe My Role On LinkedIn?

The most common trend to write your role on LinkedIn is to write a short description of your role (two or three lines to describe the overall scope of the job), followed by three to five bullets of achievements. Make sure to sound highly employable.

  • “Where can I find LinkedIn job experience description examples?”
  • “How do I write my experience on LinkedIn?”

The word experience in your phrases gives knowledge to the readers about your past, your current job roles and your future successes.

It is also important to write clearly and concisely and lay out your work with experiences. No one wants to waste time wading through an essay, so a clean and easy-to-read format is essential.

Some Best LinkedIn Profile Examples

  1. Brittney Borowicz
From Brittney: I am currently the marketing manager at an embedded computer networking company that largely focuses on the Internet of Things space. I make sure to keep my LinkedIn profile as up-to-date and complete as I can with job descriptions, volunteer experiences, groups, endorsements, etc.
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2. Anthony Gioeli

From Anthony: My profile has been useful in promoting a book I recently released on international business expansion. The profile has enabled me to highlight my expertise in order to build credibility as an author. It has been extremely effective in positioning me for speaking engagements.
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3. Melissa Heisler

From Melissa: My profile has developed over time. I love that we can now reorder the sequence of sections allowing us to highlight our strengths. Viewing your profile as a prospective client would be the best tool for determining content, flow, and information to include.
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4. Alan O’Rourke

From Alan: A little over 6 months ago I wanted a change in career and move from design/product to a marketing role. So I optimized my LinkedIn profile to highlight my marketing experience and sent out a single update to the network I had built up over the years announcing I was looking for a new job. Within the week I had 4 interviews with impressive companies from all around the world. I ended up taking a director of marketing role at the great B2B company and have been loving it ever since. Side note: Linkedin approached me and asked if my profile could be used in some PR.
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5. Abbi Whitaker

From Abbi: I use the “articles written/published tab” to highlight recent expert positioning and also use the presentation tab to upload presentations I have worked on or been part of.
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Should I make a LinkedIn with no experience?

You should have a LinkedIn profile even you have no experience. Having a LinkedIn profile means having an online resume which is very important for you if you need to find an online job around the world easily.

Is LinkedIn still relevant in 2021?

After 2020 online approach has increased a bit, hence it is quite important for you to have an account. Its kind of an online digital footprint.

How to use LinkedIn to get a job

signup, Create a good profile with a good picture, meaningful and brief storyline, search for jobs, highlight your ideas, connect more people in a professional way, join or call up for online meetings

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