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In September 2017, Apple dropped the iOS 11 with some of the appealing user upgrades. First, WWDC 2017 is up-to-date and offers incomparable innovations like AR emoji, AR apps, and other iOS 11 capability capabilities. You need to use the latest iOS and experience all capabilities on your device; however, there are still a lot of options lacking. What Apple has recognized as the user is only the surface of the new platform; there are several hidden choices in the form of hidden iOS features. Here we have some iPhone tricks Apple won’t tell you. When would you know that Apple launced iphone 15.

You have to dig up the iOS to get these hidden functionalities. But don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you; the 5 hidden features of the iOS 11 are below. Just go to the features and begin exploring the additional options that you never knew available on your Apple iPhone. Some of the best ios 14.5 hidden features are here or best iphone tricks. This can help you in ios update features.

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Screenshots draw or write anything

With iOS 22 Apple, users can alter the screenshots when they grasp the consumers’ wants. If you want to alter a screenshot, simply press the option at the left-hand corner of the screenshot. This opens the window with the number of screenshot editing tools. This is one of the iphone 11 hidden features.

Try Different Flashlight Intensity

flastlight intensity in ios features

In general, you’ll receive only three intensity flashlights in iOS 11, but if you press the fourth icon. Apple has surreptitiously hidden the fourth flashlight intensity setting and must be unveiled. There is no name for the option to explore only by selecting all of them one by one. This is ios 14.7 hidden features.

Try a single-hand keyboard

Prior to iOS 11, iPhone users had to rely on third-party keyboard apps to type one-handedly. In the default iPhone keyboard, the business has now activated the same. This quickly squees the left or right side of the screens with a single thumb to the right. This is ios 14 hidden features.

New iMessage screen effects

If you like someone who loves some unusual effects on your screen, this feature is for you. New screen features of the iMessage have included an echo of the message, and the spotlight effect will make you wow. This can also help you in method about how to find hidden things on iphone.

Yu can now store your messages in the iCloud

The updated iOS version offers a useful function that has the iPhone messages linked with iCloud. All your iMessages on your phone are therefore synchronized with your Mac. Wherever your messages are removed from your phone, they will also be promptly removed from your Mac. This is ios 15 hidden features or ios 15 features.


Why are iphone better than Samsung?

One of the best answer for the question is that, iphone are more secured than Samsung.

Why is iPhone so expensive?

Well, the answer is firstly, iPhones are elegant in their designs and offer some of the best designs. Then including duty and taxes the prices increase for the product.

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