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Google Pixel Accessories Best Updated List (2021)

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Google Pixel Phone is an excellent phone that has got the prowess of being an excellent camera integrated into a phone. Also, the fact that it is made by the makers of Android makes things even better. While we talk about flagships and premium quality phones such as Pixel Phone or any other similar phone for that matter, we need to use accessories to get the most out of them. This is what this blog post is all about; with these accessories, you will make sure that you are taking full advantage of your brand new google pixel phones. Listed below are the accessories you should definitely give some serious consideration to.

Google Pixel Accessories Buds

First on the list is the Google Pixel Buds. It is priced around the $180 mark but given the quality and the kind of compatibility it has with its Pixel siblings is worth paying the money. While they work on other Androids, but to tap to their full potential, you would need a Pixel device


Next on the list is something known as PopGrip from the house of the ever-popular PopSocket. We recommend this product for all smartphone users and not just a Google Pixel XL accessory item. Using this accessory, you will be able to hold onto your heavier Google Phones in an easy manner. You can also use it as a kickstand for smartphones, which can be great for content consumption. If you are afraid of damaging the aesthetics of your phone, you may use the accessory over your phone case. 

USB-C PD charger

Last but not least is the USB-C PD charger for your Pixel device. While you get a charger within the box, it never hurts to use a spare product, especially when the efficiency is better and a lot smaller than the regular changing brick. The Reason for the charger being compact is the fact that it uses Gallium Nitride or GaN, which is the latest technology related to batteries and charging. 


Some other honourable products include a power bank, USB-C to USB-C cable, shockproof case, fitness watch, and a car mount for the phone. Make sure to purchase all these items from a reliable store. Make sure to buy pixel accessories.

Which is the best google pixel phone?

The best google pixel phone is Google Pixel 4.

what is google pixel latest phone?

The google pixel latest phone is the Google Pixel 5.

Google Pixel Phone Accessories Best Updated List (2021) near Ranchi, Jharkhand?

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Price of Google pixel 5a?


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